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Plagued by unusual vaginal discharge with a strong fishy smell? — bacterial vaginosis can be a total pain. Connect with a doctor online and get your treatment delivered to your home!

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What We Prescribe

Treatment Options

The antibiotic medication we prescribe works by killing the bacteria that is causing the infection or preventing their growth.

Metronidazole 200mg
Short-course oral antibiotics

  • Symptoms will likely begin to improve within a couple of days
  • Important to complete the full course of antibiotics to help clear up the infection completely and prevent complications related to antibiotic resistance

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How Siena Works

1. Start your visit
1. Start your visit
Answer a few questions on your symptoms and medical history.
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2. Speak with a doctor
2. Speak with a doctor
A doctor will review your details and video call you at a time of your convenience.
3. Free delivery to your door
3. Free delivery to your door
If prescribed, your bacterial vaginosis treatment is delivered right to your door in a discreet packaging.

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