Emergency Contraception Online

Because accidents happen. Our medical team prescribes emergency contraception before you need it, or when you need it now.

from $40

SG-licensed healthcare professionals

2 brands to choose from

Free, discreet doorstep delivery within 4 hours

Personalized on-going care anytime

What We Prescribe

Types of Morning-after Pill

Types ella® (Ulipristal acetate) ​Postinor®-2 (Levonorgestrel)
When to take
Up to 120 hours

5 days after unprotected sex

Up to 72 hours

3 days after unprotected sex

Up to 98%

throughout the entire 5-day window

Up to 95%

if taken within 24 hours

  • Up to 85% within 24–48 hours
  • Up to 58% within 48–72 hours

How Siena Works

3 Steps to Get Started

1. Complete online questionnaire

Answer a few questions that covers your lifestyle and medical history.

Start medical evaluation
2. Speak with our doctors

After reviewing your details, a doctor will initiate a video consultation to determine the right emergency contraception for you and write a prescription (if medically appropriate).

3. Free delivery to your door

If prescribed, your emergency contraception is delivered right to your door in a discreet packaging within 4 hours.


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